Seeds of Change is a nonprofit Association registered in respect of Law N0 90/053 of 19th December 1990 governing the legalization of Associations in Cameroon. To ensure superior decision-making, Seeds of Change has a govern Board structure model that provides it with autonomy.

Members of the Board of Management are appointed for a maximum term of five years and are eligible for reappointment after the completion of their term in office. With the executive organ, The Executive Director of the Board of Management Mr Loh Hyginus coordinates the principles of Association policy.

The most important tasks of the Board of Management are defining Association strategy, setting the budget and allocating Association resources. It publishes quarterly reports and annual financial statements of the Organization and makes key staff appointments.

The Board of Management also ensures that the Supervisory Board receives regular, timely and comprehensive information on all matters relating to Seeds of Change planning, business development and risk management.


Seeds Of Change (SOC) programs was deem necessary after a survey, to work with youths in rural communities in Cameroon who were vulnerable as a result of poverty and lack of information on HIV/AIDS. Also, it was our top priority to fight for the empowerment of women, Female Genital Mutilation early marriage and school dropout. The Organization was established in 2008 by a group of committed individuals headed by Loh Hyginus, Melvin Gaunt, and Deborah Meyer in South Africa, and later, extended the Association to Cameroon with the aim of building youths capacity in socio-economic domain. Youths in the third world country like Cameroon are poor, uneducated and focus more on farm work and the government is willing but unable to single handle the situation. Awareness creation carries 50% of our objectives since more communities are affected with HIV/AIDS pandemic and more youths involves in negative sexual behaviours.

By the time of its establishment, Statistic in Cameroon shows that in a population of 18 million people, more than a million where HIV positive and 65% were youths. Most organisations in Cameroon focus their activities to make a difference in urban areas since communication facilities into rural areas were difficult. There was therefore a need for an alternative party to bring a positive solution, which will open effective awareness to stop social, cultural and economic injustice in the society. There is no doubt that the youths in Peasants communities seriously needed our assistance and support for them to understand the whole “taboo” around HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Human Trafficking and unemployment.

Besides Since the creation of the organisation, we have benefited through a financial and moral support from Donors in South Africa , UK, Canada and America. The year 2009 started with an introduction of the "HIV In The City" newsletters which provided information on Seed Of Change services, up-to-date news and information on HIV related issues to young people. A forum for youths was created. This forum is still very active on Gender issues.

We are proud today in terms of our contribution in developing youths programs, organisation of workshops on Gender Equality, Life Skills, Life Coaching and safety precautions in our communities. And the big news today is an after school computer programs which helps to capacitate youths on computer science, and at the same time keep them out from crime.



Organize workshops on HIV/AIDS and STI’s awareness.

Organize after school computer club classes to youths.

Fight unemployment in the community.

Provide opportunities to Youths with HIV to live healthy lives by broadening their perspectives on the possibilities available to them and provide them with material support if appropriate.

Work in collaboration with other organizations that deal with similar objectives.

Provide challenges in Discrimination and Stigma on Gender Equality.

Provide “Soccer For All” to young once. By doing this will provide an opportunity to create HIV/AIDS awareness to the communities.

Provide peasant farmers with farming materials in order to promote their productivities.



Seed of Change is in partnership with more than fifteen Community Base Organization in Cameroon. In 2012, we signed three partnerships to work together with Babessi, Tubah and Mamfe councils as far as development of youths are concern. Support from the administration cannot be ignore.

And last but not the least; we are in partnerships with Save The Soul Brigade, Adopt A Child Association, All in South Africa.