Our mission

The mission of Seeds of Change is to:

Education Services

Enhance life skill and innovative training programmes to Schools, Community Groups, Farming Associations, Youth Organizations, etc. and work in conjunction with funders local leaders, agencies to provide these programmes where appropriate.

Train youths on the Community Action Team(CAT) model to enable them to effectively involve and engage communities on their involvement in the development of their cities.

Promote educational programs in primary and secondary schools

Train and empower Facilitators and Peer educators on HIV/AIDS and other social issues.


Awareness / Information

Develop awareness campaigns, provide information material, encourage media involvement and hold events that will educate the community on socio-economic development.

Take part in research on prevention and care.

Publish magazines “AIDS IN THE CITY”.

Participate in related local/national meetings and networks/associations in order to develop and maintain our goals.


Outreach Programs

Provide outreach services to young people who are potentially at risk (socio-economical).

Provide a Soup Kitchen Program to the needy (Tuesdays and Fridays).

Publish leaflets, brochures and booklets on social problems, information which will be distributed to youths in schools , seminars and conferences.

Donations can be done to:

Acct Name: Union Bank of Cameroon PLC
Address: Union Bank of Cameroon PLC, P.O.Box 110 Bamenda, Cameroon
Beneficiary Account Number: 100230001000111000039-19
Beneficiary Account Name: Mutual Guarantee Financing Company PLC
Name: Seeds Of Change
Account Number: 37300-001-016991-30